One of the things in life that continues to surprise me, is how I think I’m one thing, and it turns out I’m another. When I was younger I would have described myself as confident, extroverted, and happy in the limelight. Then I started to discover I could also sometimes be anxious, fearful, and actually afraid of public speaking. Those difficult experiences have motivated me to look for answers and find my ground as a speaker, and I love to share what I’ve learnt with others interested in building true confidence.

I’m also motivated in my work by a passion for authenticity in communication. The thing I most long for in relationships of all kinds is the space and ability to show up as I really am. And I love it when other people are real, when they show up with less pretence, when the truth of things is more apparent. I’m inspired by those who are able to say “Here I am – this is what I’ve got.”

I believe that what the world needs now is natural, honest, and effective communication about the things that matter. I hope I’m able to contribute in some way towards that.


Over the past 22 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people from a range of backgrounds on topics like non-violent communication, writing, networking, public speaking and presentation skills.

As a freelance trainer, I also work extensively abroad running workshops in communication skills for academics and scientists, e.g. Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, Frankfurt, Hannover, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich, Vienna, Zagreb, and Zürich.

I studied teaching at university, but I’ve really learnt more on the job and in professional development trainings like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Non-Violent Communication, counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. I’m a certified facilitator of Speaking Circles, a certified practitioner of Hakomi (mindfulness-based body psychotherapy), and currently training in Focusing.