Workshops and Coaching in Authentic Public Speaking


The Speaking Adventure offers workshops and 1-1 coaching in confidence, presence and authentic public speaking.

We all have a natural inclination to connect with others, and the more real we are when we do that, the more satisfying it is.

At The Speaking Adventure, public speaking isn’t viewed as a performance, a way of ‘acting’ a professional role, but as an opportunity to be authentic, connect with others, and share something that matters.

We forget about the polish, gloss, and bullet-proof perfectionism, and relax into being natural, responsive, and engaged. It’s a more grounded place to be. And when you can stand on the firm ground of inner confidence, you’ll be clearer and more persuasive, you’ll enjoy yourself more – and you’ll inspire people.

If you have something to say and you want a bit of help to find your voice, feel more comfortable being seen, or connect more authentically with your audiences, join us for an adventure. You may discover a whole new way to speak in public.


The Speaking Adventure offers 2-day trainings in central London. The work involves a series of interactive exercises and mini-adventures designed to help you explore, try stuff out, play, connect and learn. The key aims of the workshops are to help you

  • strengthen your core confidence
  • develop your presence
  • find a more natural voice
  • connect more authentically with your listeners
  • communicate your message more effectively
  • make your contribution and inspire people

The groups are made up of a wonderful mixture of people from different backgrounds, different confidence levels, and different levels of speaking experience.